Release scheduled: 2015-03-26 (CANCELED)

Update: this release was canceled 2015-03-24 at 3:30pm EDT due to a bug in the Iteration Planner. It was not deployed to any customer accounts and was replaced by a new build to be released as FogBugz 8.12.553 on 2015-03-26.

New Stuff!

  • The new Iteration Planner (accessible from the Tools menu) helps your team visualize, plan, and manage your project backlog and iteration sprints. Watch our blog for details
  • Simplified and modernized user options page (“Options” under your avatar menu).
    We are releasing this gradually starting on 3/26 so you may not see it in your account yet

Fixed Stuff

  • Non-ascii characters such as ‘ü’ in filenames no longer prevent attachment uploads on Macs
  • Improvement in response time when navigating between cases and case lists in an already-open FogBugz window