Release Scheduled: 2015-03-12 (CANCELED)

Update: this release was canceled 2015-03-11 at 3:08pm EST due to a problem with the build. It was not deployed to any customer accounts and was replaced by a new build to be released as FogBugz 8.12.437 on 2015-03-16.

  • Simplified and modernized user options page (“Options” under your avatar menu). We are releasing this gradually starting on 3/12 so you may not see it in your account yet. Note: this was previously planned for release in 8.12.110
  • Changed a confusing behavior when closing your account: Clicking the close button no longer schedules your FogBugz or Kiln site to be canceled at the end of your billing cycle. It is now canceled immediately. If you have any questions or need help with a site which was accidentally closed, contact us
  • Hid unnecessary details about application errors from end-users
  • Improved error messages for invalid URLs
  • Fixed an issue with Postponed Cases that caused a postponement date which had been removed to return after certain edits
  • Fixed various data and time bugs:
    • Fixed a bug with entering timesheet data under Working On using German date and time formatting
    • Fixed a bug which prevented entering timesheet data correctly using a date format with localized “am” and “pm” text, e.g. Greek
    • Fixed a bug with date formatting using the English (Ireland) locale setting
    • Fixed date formatting for Romanian Japanese, and Fhinese locales (correctly uses ‘.’ not ‘/’ as a delimiter)
  • A change in 8.12.110 caused a new bug: an attachment uploaded to a brand-new case could not be removed before the case was initially submitted. To fix this, we reverted the fix for “Non-ascii characters such as ‘ü’ in filenames no longer prevent attachment uploads on Macs”. Look for this to be fixed again soon