Released: 2015-02-26


  • Simplified and modernized user options page (“Options” under your avatar menu). We are releasing this gradually starting on 2/27 so you may not see it in your account yet.
    Update: due to a bug related to avatar images, the release of this feature has been delayed until after the next deploy of FogBugz, planned for Thursday March 12th


  • Full-text (aka keyword) searches now weight results higher if the term is in the case title and if the case is more recently edited. Active cases are weighted higher than resolved, which in turn score higher than closed
  • “Groups” in the Gear menu has been renamed to “User Groups” to clarify its purpose

Less Buggy!

  • When opening a case and attaching an image, FogBugz now correctly puts the image in the first event
  • Non-ascii characters such as ‘ü’ in filenames no longer prevent attachment uploads on Macs
  • Users without kiln access enabled no longer see an error message when viewing cases with associated changesets
  • Deactivated users are no longer listed as subscribers on cases
  • Community users are now correctly included in Person-type custom field drop-downs if they are enabled next to “Users in Dropdown” in the field configuration
  • If kiln changesets take a long time to load on the case view, the error message which displays is now removed when they do finally load
  • When an Extra Feature is enabled, any links it adds to the Gear and Tools menus now show up immediately — not only after a full page reload
  • When editing a case, the order of kanban column names in the dropdown now matches the order on the kanban board
  • Users who do not have permission to view cases in any projects no longer see the new case button in the header
  • An invalid url in either the old UI and FogBugz Ocelot UI now gives a better 404 error message
  • The (unsupported) Title w/ Event column option has been removed from the list view