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FogBugz for Visual Studio is an add-in that allows you to browse your current cases from inside the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. It is currently a deprecated tool, and if you aren’t currently using it we don’t recommend starting at this point. If you have been using this tool, it is still available for use while you find a suitable workflow adjustment.

System Requirements

  • FogBugz 5.0 or later (FogBugz On Demand, FogBugz On Site, or FogBugz For Your Server)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012 (support for Visual Studio 2010 was introduced in FogBugz 7.3.4, and support for 2012 is now available in FogBugz On Demand and FogBugz On Site)
  • Note: Starting with Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft has deprecated add-ins. The FogBugz for Visual Studio Add-In will not be compatible.


As Microsoft has deprecated add-ins in Visual Studio 2015, so too have we deprecated the FogBugz for Visual Studio tool. In FogBugz On Demand or FogBugz On Site, it is no longer available to download in the UI. You’ll need to download the source from our developers portal. Follow the instructions in the README to get started.

FogBugz For Your Server users will still see this tool under Extras->Download Visual Studio Addin.

When installing and running the add-in for the first time, you may need to explicitly run Visual Studio as an Administrator by right-clicking > Run as Administrator.

If you want, you can dock the tool window to any edge of the screen by dragging it. We suggest docking it to the bottom of Visual Studio, since it works best with a wide window.

FogBugz for Visual Studio shows you the same cases you would see from a web browser.

If you close the FogBugz for Visual Studio window, you can get it back from the View | Other Windows menu.

See the full version history