Released: 2015-02-02

New Feature: Group and hide filters!

  • The Cases drop-down now allows you to create custom groups for your saved filters, and to hide shared filters you do not use. This feature was enabled on January 26, 2015.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed line-wrapping in case comment <code> blocks for Firefox users
  • Filtering on milestone, the milestone end date is now shown, and the drop-down is sorted correctly: The “Undecided” milestone is shown first, next all with no end date are shown, then the rest sorted by end date. Inactive (un-assignable) milestones are shown after assignable ones
  • Several false-positives have been removed from the client-side email address validator
  • Show a warning if a user is notified using the Notify More Users feature and that user does not have permission to view the case
  • Fixed a bug that prevented searching for decimal numbers such as “12.34”
  • Fixed a bug where the user’s name was not html-encoded when displayed in the message that a case has been assigned to a user who cannot view it
  • Fixed a bug where a non-admin user who has been given permissions to edit shared/global snippets could not edit some snippets
  • Fixed a longstanding bug where one could not search for any BugzScout cases with one or more occurrence. Occurrences:”1..” returned cases with zero occurrences (i.e. non-BugzScout cases)

Other Changes

  • The FogBugz Time Sheet now excludes community users from its reports. Community users cannot have time intervals associated with them and could make reports slow to load
  • Improved the relevance of search results by weighting the title field slightly when no search axis is used
  • Wildcard search—which has been partially missing in FogBugz Ocelot UI—is now fully enabled. See the docs for more details
    • Use an asterisk (*) to find partial words in keyword (full-text) search and all axes which normally search for root “stems” of words: free-form keyword search, title: axis, releaseNotes: axis, attachment: axis
    • In general, all other axes match partial strings so the wildcard isn’t needed. Exceptions are the tag: axis and the two legacy custom fields (configured in Site Configuration), version and computer. These three find exact matches by default and take a wildcard to find a partial match
    • The following date field axes can now take a single asterisk (*) as an argument to find all cases that have that field set to any value: resolved, closed, due, lastOccurrence
    • Person type axes can take a single asterisk (*) as an argument to find all cases that have that field set to any value. ResolvedBy:”*” finds all cases that have ever been resolved. ClosedBy:”*” finds all that have ever been closed. CommunityUser:”*” finds all cases opened by a community user
    • You can now find all cases that were created with BugzScout by searching for occurrences:”*” or occurrences:”1..”
  • The LastLog plugin has been discontinued
  • When replying to incoming emails, FogBugz now strips additional prefixes for replies and forwards. Previously it supported re, fw and fwd. Added: aw, antwort, wg, enc and tr