Release scheduled: 2014-12-18

  • Bug Fixes
    • The {sender_firstname} snippet placeholder now handles names starting with Mr/Ms/Miss/Mrs (with and without a period, case-insensitive)
    • The text describing a change in case postponement date now uses FogBugz’s standard date and time format
    • “Save current filter as…” in the Filter drop-down now only shown on list page
    • Virtual users can now receive digest email. Previously, the option was available in their settings, but it caused no emails to be sent
    • When work is stopped on a case while you are viewing it, you are now immediately removed from the list of users working on the case
    • Fixed a bug introduced in 8.11.170: notification emails for comments added to wiki articles were missing the comment and link to the article
    • Notifications of changes to wiki articles now link to the diff view