Aug 1st, 2016: Support for Kiln Harmony is being deprecated. Please convert all your repositories to either Mercurial or Git repositories by September 15th, 2016 to maintain read/write access. If you need help converting your repositories or have questions, please contact us.

To disable Harmony, go to one of your projects.


This project has a central repository named “Central-Repository” and a set of child repositories that were forked/branched from the parent.


Find the ‘central’ repository that you want to disable Harmony for, and go to its Settings page.


Click on the “+ Convert Repository to Git-only or Mercurial-only” option.


When you click on ‘Convert Repository’ you’ll get one last confirmation dialog. Notice that this action will also turn harmony off on all of the fork/branches that are children of this repository in the UI.


After the conversion is complete, you’ll be returned to the repository’s activity page where you’ll see an icon indicating the type of repository:


Now, ‘Central-Repository’ is Git-only, and so are all of its direct children.