Release Scheduled: 2014-11-06 (CANCELED)

Update: this release was canceled at 3:50pm EST due to a bug. It was not deployed to any customer accounts and was replaced by version 8.10.637.


  • You can now set the milestone for a case directly in the case list. Just show the milestone column and click on its value for an in-place editor

Tons of bug fixes! We fixed…

  • A long-standing behavior (bug) where the opener of a case was changed each time the case was RE-opened. Now the opener persists across closing and re-opening a case. The plugin Original Opener for the non-FogBugz Ocelot UI has been removed as a result since it is obsolete. All cases have been updated to set the opener to the first user who opened
  • A bug where saving the site configuration could disable the legacy custom fields “Version” and “Computer”
  • A bug where a parent case didn’t have a linked pop-up for estimated time if it and its sub-cases had not yet been worked on
  • A bug where one could enter time on a closed case via the timesheet editor without there being an estimate. You are now correctly prompted for an estimate
  • A bug where the elapsed time on a case linked to a full page instead of showing a pop-up with details of the time
  • A bug on the account page where the next billing date was incorrect for free trials in certain circumstances, and for users with date format settings other than month-day-year
  • A bug that showed a “stop work” link next to another user’s interval on the list of time intervals for a given case
  • A bug where editing timesheet entries while the case edit page is up might refresh the page, losing the case edit
  • A bug where the timesheet editor did not resolve conflicting (overlapping) time intervals
  • A bug that prevented showing deleted milestones and projects on the projects configuration page

Notification Center and Activity Feed:

  • The notification and activity feeds now remember which filters you have set, e.g. only unread
  • Better message when you deselect all filter options
  • We are continuing to roll out these new features introduced in the previous release

Non-FogBugz Ocelot UI:

  • Fixed a silent failure when using the Wiki Article: Case Relationships plugin to create a new case directly from a wiki page
  • Discontinued the Original Opener plugin. It is obsolete now that the “opener” field on a case is immutable. Re-opening a case no longer changes the opener.