Released: 2014-10-28

Small Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the exclamation point icon did not show in the main header when there were admin notifications. It now correctly appears there as well as under the Gear drop-down
  • Fixed a bug in our routing infrastructure where HTTP request headers were treated as case-sensitive when they should not be. For example, an HTTP header “host:” would fail while “Host:” would succeed
  • Fixed a bug where javascript could be injected on the page via a Custom Field name
  • Allowed subscribing to cases even if you have email notifications turned off (for those who prefer to use only the new notification feed and not email)

Small New* Features

BIG New Features!

  • In-app notifications:
    All notifications you currently receive about cases and wiki articles via email are now available in a live-updating drop-down menu in the main header as well as a filterable full-page view (documentation)
  • Per-user activity feeds:
    Actions you take in FogBugz cases and wikis as well as actions others take on your cases are aggregated and shown on a new Activity Feed page, linked in your avatar menu (documentation)
  • Periodic (digest) email:
    On your options page, you can now choose between plain text or html instant emails, no email notifications, or periodic html digest emails (documentation)

We will be rolling out these features to all of our customers gradually so that we make improvements based on your feedback. If you aren’t one of the lucky 10% of accounts updated immediately, you should see the new features within a week or so. Can’t wait? let us know and we’ll upgrade you early!

* The Wiki Article Index existed in pre-Ocelot FogBugz as an optional feature which could be enabled via the plugins page. It’s now enabled for all accounts.